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BI Painter 1.0 03/01/11 Trial version English

BI PainterAre you fed up with PowerPoint to plan and document your BI-Architectures? Are you annoyed to cut down dataflows so that they fit into slides?

Are you loosing the sight for the Integration of BI-Architectures? Our BI-Painter helps you! It has been designed to visualize BI-Architectures.

It enables you to draw and model integrated dataflows, without losing the sight for details. During the development the Ergonomics of the application had a very high priority.

You`ll find standards like Dragamp;Drop, Hotkeys and a Toolbar that allows a comfortable way of designing BI-Architectures. Your time for documentation and planning is hence dramatically reduced.

Furthermore you can export your Architectures into different graphic formats which can then be integrated into Word. To summarize the BI-Painter reduces the complexity of modern Business Warehouses without losing the sight for details.

Integrated VisualizationA huge variety of visualization elements gives you the chance to apply Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) concepts to structure BI-Architectures.

You can visually plan the implementation of business requirements and easily integrate new requirements into the existing data warehouses. By applying this integrated visualization approach you can easily identify reusable data warehouse components and reporting scenarios without any integration.

This Approach brings the weaknesses of your data warehouse to your attention and you can react on them immediately. Dependencies of Data Warehouse Objects are easily marked by coloring or grouping them.

Thus the Introduction of a multi-layer Enterprise Data Warehouse concept is dramatically simplified. Attention to detailsThe BI-Painter brings your attention to details such as data dependencies (transformations, look-ups, etc.

) and makes them transparent. Central Objects and their Integration into the data warehouse are instantly recognizable. With these insights you can push the realization of concepts such as central objects, integration or disintegration of data dependencies.

CollaborationDiscuss existing or planned BI-Architectures with your BI Team! Finally each Team member can bring in his expertise to find a perfect BI solution.

By using the BI-Painter you can easily define the scopes of competences for planned architectures. To enable collaboration you`ll find a huge variety of visualization elements such as textboxes for comments and tools for coloring.

After the implementation you can compare the planned with the realized Architecture and thus explore unforeseen differences or violations against your implementation guidelines.

Overview of the feature listTypical graphic elements for Business Intelligence. Graphic elements to visualize an Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) concept.

Export function into common graphic Formats (JPEG, PNG, etc. ). Runs standalone for instance on an USB-Stick or can be installed with a MSI-Installer.

Supports Hotkeys and Dragamp;Drop. Standard Windows-Look and Feel. And much more. BI Painter provided by conesprit GmbH ? business intelligence expertise.

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